Hardcourt Basketball

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Hardcourt Basketball

Pass the rock. Welcome to Hardcourt, the rules don't apply here. In this 2PG (2 player game) basketball game your objective is to score into the hoop as fast as you can. Why as fast as you can? Because, there will be a crazy basketball jockey trying to knock you down. You see, fouls are allowed in this crazy game so use it to your advantage to keep knocking your opponent down as you score. There's also a stamina system so be weary of that as well. Each game is three minutes so you have plenty of time to run circles around your opponent. You can also customize your player if you're into that kind of stuff. Good luck.


Player 1:
WASD - Move
Spacebar - Shoot/foul

Player 2:
Arrow keys - Move
Num 0 - Shoot/foul