Welcome to the about us page for Grekou, thanks for stopping by.

So… what is Grekou?
Grekou is an online game portal site where users can play a variety of HTML5 mobile games, flash games, and more. Our main focus is our games, we make sure that every game can be enjoyable for any type of player and that our games come from a quality source.

Our second priority would be the overall quality of the website, the navigation and all of that jazz – we really want to make the website perfect for everybody to see and use.

Grekou is definently for kids, by kids, we really grew up playing on these types of websites so the fact that we have the opportunity to run one ourselves is really fulfilling.

So now that you have an idea for what Grekou is, let’s answer some of your questions that you might have!

Can users submit their own games?
No, sorry. We honestly don’t have the time to go through every user submitted game and check if they’re all valid and stuff, Although, if you want to request a game we might take you up on that offer! You can do that here.

How often are games added?
Our current game upload plan is 3 games everyday.

That’s all we have for questions at the moment, if you have any to ask, contact us here.